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MLE Systems is a dependable partner for resource augmentation and services. Our experienced workforce is spread across Australia, India, and the UK, and we offer efficient solutions with our pre-assessed pool of resumes. We provide value-driven solutions to tech giants and global startups.

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// Business Propositions

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Our exclusive contracts ensure that you get the very best deals, matching the highest market standards, in order to meet your unique requirements.

Contract to Contract (C2C)
  1. Provide resources to clients on a payroll contract for a specific tenure.
  2. Contracts can be renewed or closed as per demand.

Contract to Hire (C2H)
  1. A minimum six-month contract is signed to monitor resource performance.
  2. Post the contract probation period, the clients either extend the contract or hire the employees full-time.

Direct Hiring (DH)
  1. Gather the client requirements and source potential candidates to meet the conditions.
  2. Clients select candidates based on interview results. After the verification process, they welcome polished resources or the whole team.
// Features

Achieving Excellence Through Augmentation

We have some exciting features that may interest you in choosing our service.

  • One-tap approach to our custom-curated talent pool.
  • 10,000+ globally shortlisted candidate resumes with top-notch skills and expertise across domains.
  • Target rapid requirement turnaround within 24-48 hours.
  • Database of the finest candidates shortlisted after initial interview clearances.
  • A dedicated team of 100+ In-House resource and talent acquisition professionals.
  • An extensive network of third-party contract vendors.
  • Flexible and tailored contract durations as per businesses’ requirements.
  • Routine IT and resource management services with integration of client feedback.
  • Remote global presence alongside operational onsite locations in India.
// Partnership Dealings

Uncovering Possibilities

We cater to your unique selling and traditional requirements alike and propose offers most fitting as your individual business solutions and help you gain flattering results.

Transactional Partnerships
Transactional Partnerships
Accept demands for one-off resource requirements with exceptional skills. This offers a chance to gain high revenues and high profit margins for both the client and the vendor. These partnership agreements are infrequent and a maximum of 6-7 requirements met per year.
Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Partnerships
Welcome demands for skilled and talented resources available for a long-term commitment. Both parties mutually agree on the rates through pre-negotiated rate cards that include predefined margins for revenue and profits. Proposes a prospect of custom-designed partnerships for various durations with the possibility of contract extension. The requirements remain effective throughout the year and allow for modifications.