Some of the cool uses of Java.

Last year Java celebrated its 25th anniversary, and it’s still one of the most-used programming languages.   1. Building Mobile Application  With 85% of the market share Dominant mobile platform Android is closely modeled on Java. Every successful application has an android version, Venmo, the payment app, Airbnb, gaming, etc.  Exploring augmented reality, well, then, Pokemon […]

Top 4 Software Development Methodologies

Generally, well-managed projects are successful. For efficient project management, the project manager/ development team chooses the software development methodology that will work best for the project. Each method has different strengths and weaknesses and exists for various reasons. Continue to read this blog to find out which software development methodology works best for you. This […]

How the Metaverse will change your workplace

In Simple words, the possibility with the Metaverse is endless. As Metaverse is starting to incorporate Web3 enabled through blockchain technology, the future Metaverse would be something remarkably similar to our real world in many aspects and even replace some real-world activities. The morning commute and working in a cubical might be a thing of […]

Importance of a game changing Technology called PEGA

What exactly does Pega do?We convey three exceptional results for our clients: customized client commitment, worked-on assistance, and savvy computerization. Together, our answers assist organizations with settling on better choices and finishing work. We save associations and individuals time so they can zero in on what makes the most significant difference by diminishing expenses and […]

Blockchain Technology: The Future of your business

Blockchain is a circulated, decentralized ledger with records of exchanges/transactions that are immutable. Inexact words, it is a decentralized technology where the data is stored so it can’t be changed, erased, refreshed, or modified. It is called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) because every record is copied and appropriated among all the Nodes of the blockchain […]

5 Ways to be a successful ServiceNow Developer

ServiceNow – the leading Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tool in the market currently and makes a huge difference to organizations. It increases efficiency, digitizes forms, and smoothens operations which ultimately reflects itself through client fulfillment and an expanded ROI. ServiceNow is an exceptionally capable stage that can run a parcel of well-known forms comprehensively. […]

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