ServiceNow Custom Application for
orchestration of SD Network Devices


In the fast-evolving world of network management, we were tasked with developing a ServiceNow Custom Application to streamline the orchestration of SD Network Devices (SD-WAN and SD-LAN). The aim was to create an efficient system to manage these devices and establish a customer support portal using ServiceNow, enhancing both operational efficiency and customer experience.


Customer Interaction Portal:

Utilizing ServiceNow's CSM module, we created a simple, user-friendly portal where customers could manage their SD network devices effortlessly. The portal allowed customers to make various requests and monitor their status in real-time.

Custom Orchestration Application:

A custom application was developed to manage different network devices and execute necessary commands. This application served as the backbone of the orchestration process, ensuring that each device was managed correctly and efficiently.

Automation and Workflow Integration:

Automated workflows were a game-changer. By integrating these workflows into the ServiceNow platform, we ensured that requests were processed automatically, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention and on-site visits.


CSM Implementation

To kickstart the project, we implemented the Customer Service Management (CSM) module within ServiceNow. This foundational step aimed to enhance customer interactions and provide a structured approach to managing service requests.

Custom Application

Our team built a robust custom application capable of handling a variety of network devices. This application was designed to execute specific commands and orchestrate devices remotely, thus eliminating the need for physical intervention.

Device Identification & Orchestration

One of the critical features developed was the ability to automatically identify the network device at the customer’s site as soon as a request was made. This functionality ensured that the correct orchestration code was fetched and executed, streamlining the request fulfilment process.


Improved Customer Experience

Customers now had a powerful, easy-to-use portal to manage their network devices, leading to a smoother and faster experience.

Increased Efficiency

The automation of processes drastically reduced the need for on-site visits, which sped up request fulfilment and resulted in significant cost savings.


Our solution was designed with scalability in mind, capable of handling an increasing number of devices and requests as the client's business grew.

Better Operations

The implementation of automated workflows not only improved the reliability and performance of handling customer requests but also enhanced overall operational efficiency.