ServiceNow Custom Application


At T-System, we envisioned creating a custom application that would not only address our customers’ unique needs but also enhance their overall experience with our services. The objective was straightforward yet ambitious: develop a custom application tailored to T-System’s requirements and successfully publish it on the ServiceNow App Store. This would enable a wider audience to access and benefit from our solution.


Custom Development

We began by designing and building a custom application that perfectly fit the needs of T-System customers. This bespoke development ensured that the app provided tailored functionalities, streamlining processes and improving productivity.

Easy Integration

Our focus was on creating an integration framework that made connecting with TSystem services simple and hassle-free. By eliminating complexities, we provided a smooth and efficient integration experience for users.

Full Support

Understanding that not all customers use ServiceNow, we offered extensive support to those who didn’t have the platform. This inclusive approach ensured that every customer could benefit from our app, regardless of their existing systems.

Certification Process

We meticulously navigated the certification process, ensuring that our app met all the necessary requirements to be published on the ServiceNow App Store. This was crucial in validating the app’s quality and reliability.


T-System Connector

We focused on making it exceptionally easy for T-System customers to install and connect with ourservices. The T-System Connector was designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

Integration Framework

To support quick and effortless connections with T-System support, we built a robust integration framework. This system was designed to eliminate any barriers, making it simple for customers to access the support they needed.

MSP Support

We recognized that not all our customers use ServiceNow. To address this, we provided comprehensive support for those outside the platform, ensuring they could still benefit from the app without needing to switch systems.

ServiceNow Certification

Navigating the certification process was crucial. We meticulously managed every step to ensure our app met all ServiceNow certification requirements, paving the way for a successful publication on the ServiceNow App Store.


Better Connectivity

T-System customers found it easier to connect with our services, significantly enhancing their work efficiency and satisfaction. The improved connectivity streamlined their operations and reduced downtime..


The plug-and-play system we developed made it incredibly easy for users to connect with T-System support without any complications. This user-friendly approach significantly improved the overall user experience.

Extended Support

Customers without ServiceNow received the support they needed to use the app without switching platforms. This extended support ensured that the benefits of our app were accessible to a wider audience.

Successful Launch

Our app was successfully published on the ServiceNow App Store, meeting all certification standards and receiving positive feedback from users. The successful launch not only validated our efforts but also expanded our reach within the servicenow ecosystems.