Pega Consulting

Building together, sharing our knowledge and expertise

MLE can use the data available to recognize patterns, analyze highly complex processes in real-time and make suggestions or offers for the next campaigns. We specialize in digital transformation through the rapid delivery of Low Code, Digital Process Automation & Robotic Process Automation technologies.

MLE’s certified PEGA consultants are experts in the agile delivery of the Pega Platform, delivering faster time to organization value for their clients. MLE as a PEGA delivers innovative software that crushes organization complexity. It is a low-code platform that allows enterprises to quickly build and evolve apps to drive digital transformation — increasing customer lifetime value and lowering costs.

MLE change consultants will take the time to understand your specific needs, and then help you to adapt and step up to the challenge, by using optimized processes and systems to support you in your sales and marketing operations.

What we bring to your project​

PEGA platforms are extremely powerful tools that help to transform your organization. MLE brings extensive experience in transformation projects, as well as deep domain expertise across multiple vertical markets, and PEGA’s technological capabilities enable the companies to excel at multiple digital- transformation initiatives, including:

    • Digital Process Automation (DPA) entails providing outcome-driven services through reimagined processes, machine learning, and automation
    • Customer service and marketing – multichannel service, personalised engagement, intelligent guidance, and adaptive orchestration
    • Sales Automation – Increased sales by using guided selling and shorter sales cycles
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