Platform for SaaS, SOA & APIs

MuleSoft is the world’s leading integration platform for SOA, SaaS, and APIs. MLE helps a recovery and recycling company with the design of an API-led reference architecture with the power of MuleSoft.

Our Services


MLE helps clients in form of advisory and consulting services backed up by robust implementation experience


MLE ensure that the company can innovate, change, and experiment in ways that ultimately deliver more value

Managed Services
We have built a reputation for working closely with our customers to solve real business problems quickly and efficiently


Our training designed and led by MuleSoft practitioners to take your knowledge from beginner to certified

Benefits we offer:


Wholesome Experience

MuleSoft makes it simple to unify data in order to provide a unified view of the customer, automate business processes, and create connected experiences


MuleSoft Centre of Excellence

Our consultants collaborate with stakeholders in architectural reviews to ensure best practice, governance, and agile delivery through the MuleSoft Centre of Excellence


Development Methodology

Agile integration, development and
project methodology throughout
the entire lifecycle


Fast Development

Parallel work streams allow for faster development


Cost Effective

A low-cost comprehensive delivery model to support a client-centered and collaborative approach

MuleSoft Solutions

SaaS Application Integration
Our experts integrate your SaaS applications to cloud and on-premises applications using best practises and without the use of any middleware or hardware

Data Integration
Businesses can spend less time worrying about database and application communication and more time focusing on core business processes with our Data Integration solution based on MuleSoft

Solutions for B2B / EDI
Using B2B/EDI tools, we assist you in integrating your on-premise business applications with your business partners to create a seamless supply chain, logistics, and business processes

Mobile Integration
We provide customers, partners, suppliers, and employees with mobile access to back-end systems. This improves efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction while lowering costs

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