Some of the cool uses of Java.

Last year Java celebrated its 25th anniversary, and it’s still one of the most-used programming languages.  

1. Building Mobile Application

With 85% of the market share Dominant mobile platform Android is closely modeled on Java. Every successful application has an android version, Venmo, the payment app, Airbnb, gaming, etc. 

Exploring augmented reality, well, then, Pokemon Go, a mobile game that uses augmented reality, was partly built with Java. And some popular games like Minecraft don’t just have an Android version. It’s built heavily on java.

2. Big data 

Data is the most sort after treasure nowadays, and for anyone who wants to work with big data, Java should be part of their skill set. Apache Hadoop, designed for processing large data sets, is built in Java. 

LinkedIn developed Apache Kafka to work with massive amounts of real-time data. It is written in Java and Scala. 

Companies like Paypal, the New York Times, and Pinterest all use Kafka. Companies like Uber, Slack, and Shopify all use Elasticsearch, a powerful search engine for analyzing and ingesting data. It is based on Java. 

3. Cloud 

Java applications are often referred to as WORA (written once, run anywhere), meaning the language is perfect for decentralized, cloud-based applications. 

 Java is everywhere. Whether that’s Netflix, Amazon, or Twitter, Java often powers part or all of the backend stack. 

4. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning 

Machine learning is used for Netflix (to predict what you are going to watch next), Alexa and Siri use voice recognition. 

The potential applications for machine learning are vast, ranging from curing diseases to solving world hunger. 

Java is a powerhouse when it comes to machine learning libraries like Deep learning for Java and Apache spark MLib, which can be used with Java as well as other languages Python and R 

While Python is the top language for ML, speed and stability make Java an appropriate alternative. 

5.Outer space 

NASA uses Java for many of its interesting applications. World Wind is a software development kit that can zoom in from outer space and examine any location on earth. Java has been an essential part of space exploration for more than 20 years. Remember Maestro Mars Rover 2004. Java was used to control Maestro Mars Rover Controller. 

NASA still uses JMARS and JMARS for the moon (Geoinformation system) for data analysis.  

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